Sometimes I amaze myself….

And sometimes I’m happy if I just don’t spill food on myself.

When I saw that sentence online, I knew the author was talking about me. Way too many things that I do each day make me laugh at myself. So in case you’d like a chuckle, let me share a few of these with you.

Here how the day started. I grabbed my coffee and sat down on the couch to catch the morning news on TV. Here’s the dialogue that followed:

Me: Okay, who took the remote?

Also Me: No one took it. You live alone.

Me: Good point. But Where is my remote?!

Also Me: You’re sitting on it.

Me: Oh. You’re right. Thanks.

You see, that is an issue when living alone. If anything is missing, it’s my own dang fault. Drat! But when my sisters and I were little, we’d blame any misadventures on our “invisible friend” that my father named ‘Yahootie’. But I’m way too many years past getting to blame ‘Yahootie’. Well, Maybe.

Here’s a good tip for when you’ve looked all over your house and can’t find your cell phone. You can email your sister on your laptop or iPad, and ask her to call you. She understands that sometimes ‘Yahootie’ leaves your cell phone in the linen closet. LOL!

Speaking of looking for things, let me tell you about the new “dance” I invented.

I’d been at the computer a Long Time that morning. I got up to walk around to stretch and rest my eyes, setting my glasses down on the desk. You can see where this story is going, can’t you?

I went to the kitchen to make a quick microwaved lunch. But I needed my glasses to read the tiny numbers, so I reached up to the top of my head. No glasses!! I patted all over my head – still no glasses! Where are my glasses?! And then I remembered I’d left them on my desk. But as I walked back to fetch them, I started laughing at the picture I must have made, patting myself all over my head, as if in some strange dance.

Then I started laughing harder…we could make a whole dance out of how we pat ourselves as we look for things: Pat your head for your glasses, pat your pocket for your keys, pat your backside for your wallet, and Hey! Macarena!

And I discovered a new “Life Hack” last night: If you have that pesky remote reversed, where it’s pointing at you instead of the television, no matter how many times you press that right arrow, your program will Not move “forward”. And you’ll get to re-watch what you’ve just seen.

Always, too, there are so many stories of the bathroom counter. It’s Never a good idea to have tubes of the same size that hold very different products! You can use your imagination. It’s like the time I reached for my lip liner and grabbed my green eye liner instead. Hmm…turquoise lips, anyone?

isn’t it great to chuckle at the fun of being human, and all the crazy, fun and silly things we all do? And it’s even more fun to share our chuckles with each other. We are all in this together!


  1. Michelle Kinch says:

    I hope you made it back to your desk for your glasses. and heated your food! Sometimes I get so sidetracked that I forget to eat. I can’t say it’s a “problem” though. 😛

  2. Terry Turner says:

    I do the same thing, Michelle! And happily, yes, I did get the glasses and was able to heat the food. LOL!

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