Humor for the Times

You know there is both information and misinformation on the internet about COVID-19. And since humor is how I prefer to cope with stress, I decided to make up my own list of “fake ways (misinformation) to prevent COVID-19”. Here we go:

FAKE ways to prevent COVID-19:
1. Eat an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers topped whatever things currently in your refrigerator would work as a topping; 
2. Wear a tutu and randomly twirl as you walk (think “two year older”); 
3. Serenade someone with your favorite kazoo song; 
4. Walk into a room and loudly announce “I have Arrived!” (It’s even funnier if you live alone!); 
5. Watch the latest COVID-19 news while standing on one foot (Bracing yourself on a chair and alternating feet are allowed); 
6. Do a booty-shake dance whenever you drink bottled water; and finally, 
7. Dance naked in your backyard in a warm rain shower. (If you don’t have a backyard, dancing in your shower counts.)

Of course, while none of these will do anything to prevent COVID-19, at least your mood might be lighter as you think of them. And as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.  

What are your best “FAKE ways to prevent COVID-19”?