“I Love You. And Goodbye”

On this 18th day of remembrance of the tragedies of 9/11, I am remembering, too, the most powerful lesson I learned that day.

The people we love are the Most important thing in our lives!

When the jets hit the towers, and the people in the top floors realized they were going to die, what did they do?

It was Not review their bank balance, check their list of assets, or make one last stock trade.

They called the people they loved to say, “I love you. And goodbye.”

Even today, 18 years later, as I write this, tears flow for all those who made those phone calls and those who received them.

So today, in honor of them, let’s contact the ones we love, and say “I love you!”

Do it now, please, because we never know when we might have to add that tragic “…and goodbye.”


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