Belly Laughing at Myself

I was re-reading this column from last year, which was an especially hectic year.  This still makes me chuckle, so I decided to share it again.  Enjoy!

Some days are like that. Yes, they are. Seems like it’s one self-inflicted minor glitch after another.

I’ve noticed I’m not alone in this. For example, have you ever hunted for your glasses? And you just can’t find them anywhere? And then you realize they are safely residing on the top of your head.

Join the club! I call these my “Bozo” moments – and they make me laugh.

And how about the time I was looking everywhere for my cell phone? And then I realized – Duh! – I was talking on my cell phone. Could that be why it wasn’t anywhere else?

I like to laugh at myself and enjoy my bozo moments, and I thought you might enjoy a chuckle, too. So here are a few of my recent bozo moments for your chuckling pleasure.

Tips for life:

  1. If you step in the tub to rinse something off your feet, before you turn on the water, be Sure the shower lever is turned to “off”. Yep, I gave myself an unexpected shower while fully clothed. LOL!
  2. Remember that if you have your glasses on, and you open up the oven to check if the food is done…You won’t be able to see a thing. The steam on your glasses makes you blind. Great for moisturizing, though.
  3. Pay attention to which child you are fastening into the stroller. If your five year older doesn’t feel like walking the half block to school, and you are distracted by something else, he might pop in the stroller while the baby’s crawling on the floor. You fasten him in, and…then mentally slap yourself in the forehead!
  4. And let’s not even talk about ways to mess up in the bathroom. Okay, let’s. Ladies, pay attention while applying makeup. Green eyeliner pencil does not create the same effect as the brown eyebrow pencil you thought you had in your hand.
  5. Be cautious with your bathroom toiletries. Have you noticed that toothpaste, the sun block cream or your deodorant don’t work the same when applied in the wrong place? (Details will not be provided. Use your imagination. LOL!)
  6. No matter how many calls you are waiting for…..your cell phone won’t ring if you accidentally left it on mute and turned the volume completely off.
  7. And on to the kitchen. Besides the “the water boils faster when you turn on the heat” tips from the past, this week I learned a new one. Don’t “refill” your half-empty glass of Coca-Cola with apple juice. Not the same taste at all.

And those were my “bozo” moments for this week. Feel free to join me in laughing at my bozo moments, and at yours, too. As the saying goes, Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself! Laughter is the best medicine.