We Are All In This Together

This is an important time in the USA. On Tuesday, Nov. 6th, we vote to determine the direction of our country for at least the next two years. This may be one of the most important elections of our lifetime.

As you know, good Communication is so crucial for healthy relationships. Unfortunately I am seeing and hearing Not good communication around me about this election. So, I thought I would share a short activity that really helped me find common ground with other people who vote differently than I do.

Ask yourself, what do the people you know and love want for their children? Now, of course, I’m talking about “emotionally healthy” people here. I suspect the answer is for them to be healthy, happy, have a good life, a wonderful job where they make enough money to live comfortably, and so on.

Now, let’s think about the people who vote differently than you do. What do you think they want for their children?

When we stop and think about it, isn’t it interesting? The answers are pretty much the same!

So, now, what do we want to do to ensure the children of the USA have that bright future we want for them?

And if we all come from that place, deciding factually what is most likely to have the children end up where we’d like them to be, based on our wisest decision making and past experience….Well, ladies and gentlemen, what a world that would be!

Let’s do it! Vote for it.


  1. Andrea Williams says:

    With all the dirty tricks some states are using to reduce the number of voters such as closing polling places early, reducing the number of polling places, and not allowing mailed-in ballots be counted for seemingly arbitrary reasons (signatures not matching exactly), I can only hope that enough people will vote to change the direction of this country to a more civil one.

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