Lifting Our Spirits

There is so much right now that’s outside our “normal”. That makes our self-care even more important. To uplift our spirits, making each day better, I recommend these three self-care tools:

Tool One:  The “Good Morning Gratitude” Mood Lifter

Each day, as you start the day, focus on three things you’re grateful for. Write them down, say them aloud, and vividly imagine them.

The first benefit

We shift out of:

 “Oh, Drat. I’ve got to get up – I don’t want to.”  – to thoughts like – 

“I love you, ‘blanket fort’. See you tonight.”

The second benefit: 

We notice what’s good in our life. No matter how small, there’s always something. Maybe it’s that hot cup of coffee or tea? What else?

Whatever we think creates the corresponding chemicals in our body. What great stuff we’re doing for our body if we start our day with gratitude!

Tool Two:  “Relax Your Body”: Twenty Seconds for Better Body Health 

Many of us are working from home. We’re on our computer for hours without end. We hunch our shoulders, bending our spine and neck muscles. Then we stand up. And OUCH! Our neck muscles ache, our back is sore, and our hips feel tight.

Instead, Relax Your Body: Set a time for this exercise once an hour and do this:

Stand upTip your pelvis up toward your belly button/navel. That helps straighten your spine. Drop your shoulders from up around your ears (LOL!). Turn your palms out, and lift your arms up, to about a 45 degree angle from your sides. Then slowly lift your chin so you are looking straight ahead. If it’s very comfortable, you can look up a little higher, but be careful of your neck!  Relax, and take a few deep breaths. Good Job!  

When you sit back down, see if you can still sit with your pelvis lifted (kind of tucking your bottom helps), which helps straighten your spine. It’s amazing how much better your neck and shoulders will feel!

Tool Three: “Goodnight and Sweet Dreams”: The Bedtime Mood Lifter

Too often, we watch the Late News, and then go to bed. But if we stop and think about it, do we really want to take that into dreams with us? Here’s another option: 

Remember how you started the day with three things you’re grateful for? It’s time for the bedtime variation, Tool Three.

Think about your day. Name three things that you’re grateful for, three things that went really well, or three things that were a nice surprise. (Doing all three of these gives you “bonus self-care points”.) It’s most concrete if we write them down, say them out loud, vividly remember them.  And notice how much more relaxed you are, and ready to drift off to sweet dreams.

Use these three tools for ten days, and notice how you smile more easily, you’re more relaxed, and you’re enjoying your life more.  Let’s Go!


  1. Andrea Williams says:

    What a nice idea – to START the day with things for which I’m grateful, as well as end it.

    As I’m now retired, I’m no longer chained to my chair for many hours a day. But I find I still have my laptop perched on my legs for too many hours. I’ll do my best to remember to use Tool 2.

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