It’s All In Your Point Of View

Now that I am a grandmother, I find such magic in spending time with my grandchildren. It reminds me of all the amazing ways they can see the world – that are Not the way we see it.

And have you had the experience where they say something so sweet and funny? And you’re trying so hard not to laugh out loud, so they won’t think you are laughing At them?

This happened to me:

My granddaughter Natalie was three. Her Mother was dropping her off at my house for some Grandma time, and Daddy would pick her up later. Natie decided that she wanted to show her Mommy my house (although she had seen it many times already.) I think Natie had realized this was something grown-ups did with their friends: Show each other our homes.  Her Mommy had time, so Natie was all set for her home tour of Grandma’s house.

I was fixing Natie something to eat while she gave her Mommy the “tour”. Natie goes down the hall, and I hear her sweet little voice say, “And dis is the bass-room.”

Now, at that point, I’m expecting the adult tour, which would next be, “and this is the playroom and this is the bedroom…..”

But that’s Not how it goes for a three year older…there are still important parts in the bathroom! So, there’s little Natie, “and dis is the bass-room…..(pause)….and this is the potty where I go poopie!”

I was SOOO glad I was in the kitchen, because I could Not hold back the chuckles at that! Where you go poopie is a Highlight when you’re three! It’s just not something I ever included on a “home tour”. It still makes me laugh to this day. I remember again, it’s all in your point of view.


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