The Opposite of Darkness: Three Stories of the “Magic”

Magic is all around us!

Magic is all around us!

Sometimes it’s too easy to get distracted, and be focused only on the stressful things in the day.  Or to worry about things we have no control over.  Or let ourselves be angry about something that in the scheme of life truly is trivial.  It’s like wallowing in “darkness”, if you will.  (I’m not alone on this?  Thank goodness, and “Whew!”) 🙂

And so, when I realized I was doing this wallowing more and more, I decided to make a conscious effort to focus on the unexpected joys – what I like to call “the magic in each day” – the unexpected thank you card, or an encouraging word from a friend or a stranger, or a surprising insight.  Sure, the yucky stuff still happens.  But it doesn’t have the same power over me to ruin my day.

Therefore, today, I’d like to encourage you to look for your own “magic” by sharing these three stories of mine:

It was One of those days at work.  You know the kind.  There are unanticipated roadblocks.  Nothing seems to be going smoothly, and you’re trying hard to remember why you like your job!  To take a break a get a little perspective, I walked over to my mailbox, expecting to find “more stuff to do”.  Instead, there was a card from my dear friend, Andrea, who was congratulating me on a story in the newspaper in which I was featured.  The best part?  On the outside of the envelope, she had labeled it to “Terry: Instructor Extraordinaire”.  How can you not smile when you get a card like that?!  My mood was boosted up from the floor to the ceiling as I enjoyed that unexpected joy – the magic.

I walked into my local grocery store late one evening after class.  Just past the entrance, near the food court, I slipped in water that someone had spilled.  Happily, I had on my “gripping soles” sandals, and I only slid a bit before I caught myself – probably looking as if I didn’t know how to walk. 🙂  Well, I stopped and looked back, only to see a trail of water someone had spilled.  I glanced around.  The only person nearby was an older woman sitting in a chair at the food court, eating her food.  There wasn’t an employee to be seen.  I didn’t want to leave and hunt one down, because I kept thinking about someone Not in “gripping soles” sliding in that water and getting hurt.  So I went over to the food court napkin dispenser, grabbed a bunch of napkins, and dried up all the water.  As I finished, I glanced up to realize that the woman was smiling at me.  I smiled back, and she said something like this, “That was the most wonderful thing that you just did.  You are going to have something wonderful happen to you in return.”  Wow.  Who knew that there was an angel sitting in food court?  Yes, I know.  But that’s exactly what I felt like when she talked to me.  It was truly magical.  I walked around the grocery store with a huge smile on my face.  Finding the “magic” makes such a difference.

And speaking of angels brings me to my third story about my granddaughter, Natalie.  Since she could talk, Natalie has amazed me with her insights about things.  I saw her last Saturday, and we were talking about her life in third grade.  Then she shared a truly magical insight.  She had been sitting on the bench in the playground by herself, since she wanted to get to be first in line to go back to the classroom.  She told me she had just sat there, thinking about different things.  And then, she started thinking about light and darkness.   She told me that the opposite of light is darkness.  As I nodded, she asked, “Do you know the opposite of darkness?”  “Light?” I ventured.  With a beautiful smile on her face, she corrected me, “The opposite of darkness is Love.”

I sat there stunned.  She is Exactly right, and I had never thought of it.  Shining “Love” into  “Darkness” changes it completely.  I have repeated her insight over and over to myself, and it truly is magic.  So I share it with you.

Have a glorious weekend, looking for the magical joys in your life!


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