Three Ways to Enjoy Change in 2018

I have made a lot of changes this last year.  And I’ve heard I’m not the only one.   Knowing the ‘Three Ways to Enjoy Change” from my 2017 blog has been so helpful.  So as a New Year’s 2018 gift to my readers, it has been revised and updated.  Here it is for all our 2018 changes.  Enjoy!

Every season brings change, and change can feel stressful.  Consider our just completed holiday season.  Decorations up.  Decorations down.  Money for gifts.  Budgeting, or not – and then the bills!  The children are on vacation and are home all day.  Yikes! What to do with them?  Next they start back to school, and then the mornings are rushed.

Of course, changes can be more dramatic.  We might move.  Or our neighborhood could change from what it was.  Nothing is the same as it was.  Or might we start a new job.  There are so many major life and family events that can happen.  I think it’s best said this way:  “The only constant is change.” Have you noticed that, too?

And as you’ve also noticed, change sure can feel overwhelming.  New things need a lot of attention: “Did I pack the lunches?”  “Where is a good grocery store in this city?” “How will we pay that bill?”  “How long does it take to get to work from here?”

So, how do we deal with it?  How do we continue to enjoy our life as we cope?

There are three good ways to stay sane while handling change:  1. Decide what’s really important; 2. Keep a sense of humor; and 3. Let it go.

1. Decide what’s really important.

The first thing is to figure out what is important to you right now.  What do you really need to pay attention to?  What can you deal with later, or not at all?

Here’s a quick example:  It’s back to school day.  Things were going well.  The baby had her bottle and was playing.  I’d planned ahead and made Drew’s favorite breakfast, including chocolate milk – a big treat for a five year older.  He’d had his shower, was dressed and ate breakfast. Then, as we were heading out the door, I noticed he had a little chocolate milk spot on his shirt.  He seriously hates being damp, and it’s cold and rainy today, and if we took time to change his shirt, we’d be late to school.  I decided it wasn’t “important” that I scrub it out of his shirt so he’d be spotless.  With that decision – it wasn’t that important-  I packed up the baby and we made it to school on time.

2. Keep a sense of humor.

It really helps everyone if we can keep a sense of humor.  Sometimes it’s a challenge, especially when it feels like everything is falling on your head!  This is when I like to go to truly funny Facebook pages, or watch comedians that make me belly laugh, like Jeanne Robertson on YouTube.  If it’s a really challenging day, I also like to call a dear friend, vent a bit first, and then I can laugh at myself and life again.  And it really is true.  Laughter is the Best Medicine.

3. Let it Go.

Then, the last thing, of course, is Let it go.  Remember that we are not perfect.  Nope.  So if we demand perfection of ourselves while we are coping with lots of change, we are going to be even more stressed.  And that can lead to grumpiness, anger, etc.  That is No fun for anyone….We won’t even enjoy being with ourselves!

So we messed up.  So what?  Fix what you can if you need to, laugh at what you can, and then let it go.  Why let it impact your health and enjoyment of life? As the saying goes, “Will this really matter 10, 20, 50 years from now?”  And why not cut the other person some slack, too.  Most people really are trying their best – even if it’s not the way we would do it.  It’s not their fault you are so awesome at it. 🙂

In summary:  If we can remember to decide what’s really important, keep our sense of humor, and let it go, what a great 2018 it will be.  Enjoy!


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