The Attitude Of Gratitude


Grateful for the gift of Natie!

Grateful for the gift of Natie!

What is the “Attitude of Gratitude“?

Yes, you’re exactly right.  Being grateful (thankful) for the good in our lives.  Grateful for the good people.  Grateful for our blessings.

Why do we want to have this attitude? Good question.  (You are so smart!)

These three amazing benefits for us:

First, we dramatically improve our own health and happiness.  Seriously.  

Researchers are studying this attitude (or lack thereof) in action.  They even check levels of toxic and good chemicals in a person, like the stress hormones and the endorphins.   They found something astonishing:  People with the attitude of gratitude are healthier.  And happier! Wow.  Be grateful = have a stronger immune system.  That’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think?

Second, we give out what we have inside. Why not be full of gratitude?

Imagine you decide that each day, you will write down ten things you are grateful for.  After a couple of weeks of this, you notice that you are now focusing more and more on “gratitude”.  In other words, you are filling yourself with gratitude.

You may remember Wayne Dyer’s example of this:  If you squeeze an orange, what do you get?  Orange juice, of course.  No matter how you squeeze it, you won’t get apple juice or grape juice or lemon juice.  Why? Because that’s what’s inside.  So when someone squeezes us, what do we give out?  If we are full of gratitude, it’s easier to cope with the day in a positive way.  I’ve noticed, too, that when I’m full of gratitude, virtually every day has lots and lots of “good parts”!

Third, as we lift up others, we lift up ourselves.

I love to notice what I’m grateful for in other people.  What’s “right” about them.  What they said or did that I appreciated.  And then, I love to tell them in a short, specific, sincere compliment. I call that the attitude of gratitude in action.

Isn’t it wonderful to watch someone “light up” when you tell them someone good about them?  It’s as if their good feelings radiate back to you, too. I think a student said it best.  He told the class his mom taught him, “When you enter a room, you can lighten it or darken it.”  Isn’t it a great feeling to lighten the room by your attitude of gratitude?

So right now, please join me.  What are you grateful for?

And let’s have some fun focusing on that today, and sharing our gratitude with others.  Enjoy!




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