The Amazing Natie

Natie and Drew

Natie – the best “Big Sister” – with Drew

In a post in the “Communication” section of this blog, I wrote about the “Attitude of Gratitude”.  I decided it would be fun to write about my granddaughter, Natalie, and share some things about her that I am grateful for – the joy and inspiration she brings to my life.

Natie is in her last year of the single digits.  It’s hard to believe.  It seems just two minutes ago she was the cutest little toddler, figuring out how the world worked, and all the amazing things she could learn to do just by herself.  As I look back over these years, it’s such fun to enjoy the memories.  I was re-reading “My First Natie Stories”,  and chuckling again at the time she told me she had “Road-er-ret” (was wearing deodorant), and was “taking hair seriously”.

That led me to today.  For family reasons, Natie has changed schools three times in the last three years.  As a military brat, I can tell you from personal experience that this is not easy.  I have been so proud of how she makes new friends and finds a place for herself in her new location.  She personifies “bloom where you are planted” to the best of her ability.

Another thing I am so proud of is how loving and caring she is for her new baby sister.  Little Aerith is so happy when Natie holds her, and even though Aerith is only three months old, I swear I have heard Aerith say “Natie”.  Natie has a loving heart, and it’s wonderful to watch her share her empathy, love and compassion.  (You may have read the blog with Natie’s profound insight: “The opposite of darkness is love”.)

Natie has an amazing sense of style, too. She has a gift for coordinating her outfits and accessories that she surely did not get from  me! (I blogged about this  in “Natie-fying” it.)  She is a wonderful resource when I’m trying to get just the right “look” going.

As you can tell, I could go on for hours about Natalie, and how who she is and what she does inspires and uplifts me, and sometimes makes me laugh with joy.

And now, it’s your turn.

Those of you with children or grandchildren, or dear relatives such as a niece or nephew, or dear friends, might want to write and tell them about how they, too, are special and amazing.  You don’t have to write it here, of course, although you surely can, and then enjoy sharing it with them.  Or perhaps you might consider writing a letter, or an email, or a card?  Just to tell them what you love about them.

It’s wonderful to fill their tank with what’s right about them.  And watch them glow!





  1. Marie L Blair says:

    Wow you are amazing how you tell about your family I can see them a little bit . And thank you for doing this it helps a little for me to here things good do to I not got it when I was young and I’m going try what thankfully for each day .
    Thank you
    Marie Blair student

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