Revisiting an Earlier, yet Timely Post

  Post Four: Helpful Hints for the Harried

Some days are like that.

Some days are like that.

Ever felt your brain was on “overload”?  Me, too.  For fun my sister and I started a “helpful hints” list for these situations.

  • You will never find your sunglasses on the table if they are on your head.
  • And the related hint:  Your glasses will not be in your glass case if you are still wearing them.
  • The water boils much faster if you have turned on the burner.
  • And the related hint:  The casserole cooks much quicker when you’ve turned on the oven.
  • And then there was last night:  The pizza will cook more quickly when you remember to actually put it in the oven.
  • You won’t be able to find your butter on the counter if you haven’t taken it out of the refrigerator yet.
  • Speaking of food:  Cartons of opened milk should be returned to the refrigerator, not placed in the kitchen cupboard.
  • You can’t find your keys on the counter if you are holding them in your hand.
  • An expansion of the “keys” issue in a quick tale of woe:  Because I’m a teacher and have building keys, I am hyper-conscious of keeping track of my key ring. I was driving down the road one day, and had an instant of panic, because I could not remember where I’d last put my keys! Happily, a couple of seconds later, my brain kicked in. “Driving down the road….Keys in the ignition!!”


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