Re-framing Our “Glitches”

Enjoying the day!

Have you ever seen a picture for sale?  The kind with the beautiful matte and frame? Great framing makes a simple picture look amazing.  Even if you don’t care much for the picture, put a great frame on it, and Presto!  Magic.

I know you’ve heard about “re-framing the past” – those childhood life events –  to promote emotional healing.  Good stuff.  And last week, I discovered how putting a great frame on it works with life’s daily glitches, too.

This is what happened:

I’d just flown cross-country after a fun and tiring trip back East.  (D.C. humidity at its finest!)  Was now caring for my sick grandson.  Kind of running on empty.  While cleaning the kitchen, I’d put all the dishes in the dishwasher, added the dish soap, turned on the dishwasher and moved on to the next thing.

Did you catch it?  YES! I put in “dish soap”, Not “dishwasher soap”.

Have you ever done that by accident, too?  Well, suds ooze out from the bottom of the dishwasher, and start coating the floor.

Grabbed towels for the floor, turned off the dishwasher, and opened it.  It looked like a bubble machine had exploded inside.

Took out all the dishes. Wiped out the dish soap and bubbles, and turned it on again.  But the dishwasher Still oozed bubbles.  More towels.  Found online that vinegar would work.  Was out of vinegar.  The stores were closed.  You get the idea.  Heavy duty Frustration, and a whole lot of extra laundry.

Happily, when our store opened next morning, I discovered that a cup of vinegar did get rid of the dish soap.  Hurray!!  But just between us, I was still mentally beating myself up for such a bonehead move.

And then the next day, my dear four-year-old grandson reframed it for me.

He was talking about what fun the bubbles were… “You know, Grandma.  When you were washing the dishwasher!”

And Presto!  Magic.  I wasn’t making a “bonehead move”.  I was “washing the dishwasher!”  It still makes me chuckle – the world through a four year old’s eyes is a magical place where Grandmas wash dishwashers and make So Many Bubbles!!

So I decided that my challenge to myself this week is to look for ways to “re-frame” life’s glitches.  Capture the magic of what it could be instead, and enjoy this beautiful summer.




  1. Andrea Williams says:

    I think that every day *something* happens in our lives that could use reframing. Terry, you do such a mahvelous, simply mahvelous job of staying so positive no matter what occurs.

  2. Maggie says:

    Wow! What a way to frame it. Just yesterday I was stressed out thinking that putting 3 kids in the car to run errans had been the worst idea ever. The Redding heat, the hungry kids, and the gas needle threatning to kill the engine. My six-year old daughter kept saying, “mom, mom, mom!” When I answered holding back a scream she asked; “has anyone tasted the sky?” I asked what she meant, then she continued, “you know, the clouds. I wonder if they taste like cotton candy.”

    • Andrea Williams says:

      How precious! Sometimes it takes a small child to bring back the wonder of the world. I’ll bet that your negative emotions melted away in an instant after her words.

  3. Kathleen Kistler says:

    What a beautiful story. Beauty truly is “in the eye of the beholder.” I’m going to cultivate the eye of beauty — inspired by your offering.

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