From a Child’s Eye View

Natie and Drew

Natie and Drew

One delight about children is their unique way of looking at the world.  It can be magical and fun to see them interpret and translate what happens – making sense out of it through their child’s eyes.

One of my favorite stories of this happened when my granddaughter, Natie, was visiting me.  When Natie’s mother came to pick her up, Natie informed me she wanted to show her mother my house.  Now, her mother had visited several times before, but Natie’s three year old self had realized that one thing adults did was “show you my house”.  It was fine with me, and off they went while I finished making sandwiches.

I heard little Natie head down the hall.  She and her mom arrived at the guest bath, and I hear Natie’s little voice say, “And dis is the bass-room.”  I’m expecting next, “And dis is the playroom.”  Nope.

I heard next, “And dis is the potty where I go poopie.”

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud!  Toilets have never been a highlight of my “show you my house” home tours. But when you’re three, and have achieved the “pooping in the potty” milestone, that’s a home tour highlight!

Natie continues to delight and amaze me with her insights and observations as she is now eight and a half.  (I’ll write more about her in other posts.)

And now I’d like to share a funny story of Natie’s younger brother Drew.  Drew is just turned four, and, like Natie, is very conscious of the world around him, and doing his best to figure out how things work.   My favorite story happened at his summer day care with Amy.  While the children were playing, Amy and her daughter were watching the children, and discussing the fact that the daughter had to get a booster shot before she entered the next grade, and she didn’t want to.  Amy was being supportive and encouraging about how, yes, shots weren’t much fun, and yet, it had to been done.  Amy then had an inspiration.  Young teens enjoy the company of their friends during major events, so Amy suggested, “You could take a friend with you when you get your shot.”

And right away came little Drew’s voice, firmly stating, “Don’t Take Drew!!”

It turned out, of course, that he had been paying close attention to the conversation. His least favorite thing is shots, and going anywhere that they are giving out shots? No, Thank you!!  “Don’t take Drew!”  Amy and her daughter laughed so hard, as did I when they told me the story.

So, now, when I need a smile or a chuckle, I remember these stories of Natie and Drew’s wonderful views of the world, and I grin.  May you find a smile in them, too.  Have a lovely week!


  1. Sherry Nicholas says:

    Thanks for the precious stories, Terri, and thanks for the smiles. What a perfect way to start my Monday at work. Keep the stories coming, you warm my heart and as I’m sure, many others hearts too. Welcome to the fall 2016 semester!

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