Finding the Humor

Belly Laughing…

…helps us feel so much better!










When things get a bit crazy or overwhelming,  it’s fun to try to find some humor in it.  Do you do that?

I confess, sometimes my “humor” is a bit snarky, and I usually keep it to myself.  But sometimes it’s just sincerely funny, and I love to share.  It’s how I get through the crazy times.

First, let me share – it is CRAZY time:

I’m in the middle of escrow  – and doing all the stuff you do when selling your house.  Yikes!  And teaching two extra classes, one a Tuesday/Thursday late night.  (“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”)   Retiring in May.  Then moving south.  Wrapping up things at work. All the address and email changes.  And I’m sorting and packing.  Crazy time.

On top of that, it’s been raining.  And Raining.  And Raining.  The great news:  the drought in our north state is over.  (Thank you, Lord!) The “uh-oh” news: everything possible is blooming and the pollen is so thick it looks like snow.  Add these two paragraphs together, add “lack of sleep”, and I got bronchitis.

So I’m at the pharmacy getting the antibiotic prescription, and I notice a sign:  “Due to construction in the building, there are no public restrooms available.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.”

I started laughing.  If you are waiting and waiting for a prescription, and there are no restrooms available, well, “inconvenience” is not the word they needed on that sign.  Try “incontinence”!

The pharmacy tech did smile when I shared that with her.

And then there is packing.  At one point in this adventure, I had a pretty good idea of where everything I had packed was located.  But then I realized that boxes all over the garage looked messy, and I organized them all into neat stacks.  (The house sold after that, so it might have helped.)

The problem is?  Now I am not sure where anything is.

Of course I have neatly labeled all the boxes on the top, and even some on the side, but in a stack three boxes deep and four boxes high…you see my problem.

Some family members were coming to help me with packing, suddenly, I needed those pillows off the guest room bed again.  Where are they?  Packed!  I’m frantically going through the stacks looking for a box labeled “pillows”.

And then it came to me…’s just like my favorite Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham”!  With my apologies to Dr. Seuss and his fans, here is my “hunting the pillows” story:

I might have packed them in this box!  

Or did I pack them with a fox?  

Are they packed with Drew’s small train?

Moving boxes is a pain!

Are they in here with my coat?  

Or did I pack them with a goat?

Are they hiding here or there?  

I don’t see them anywhere!

Thank you, Dr. Seuss for changing what was a pain into something fun.

And now we all are thinking up new verses, finding the humor.  Please share yours!


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