Being “Cool” while Sleep-Deprived


Being Cool

At first, the way I was forgetting things, and doing weird things (like nearly putting the milk away in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator), made me wonder if I was developing a mental disorder.

Then, one glorious weekend, I got Lots and Lots of sleep.  Caught up on my rest, suddenly I was remembering everything, and doing things just fine. Whew! No mental disorder.  It had just been exhaustion.

Because I enjoy looking for the positive, I decided that I would laugh at myself when next I was extremely sleep deprived and doing weird things.  (And, of course, work on getting more sleep.)   That way I can maintain my “cool” and just laugh at my weirdness.

As a side note:  I’ve become comfortable walking around with a tablet, too, for those crazy-busy, yet sleep-deprived days, to remind me what I need to be doing that day: 1. buy new light bulbs; 2, buy a card for Mary’s birthday, 3. call the tile repair guy, 4. get the windshield chip repaired, etc.  Then nothing falls through the cracks no matter how matter how much I need to accomplish, or how much sleep I’ve lost.

For your enjoyment, I’d like to share a few of my recent “signs I need more sleep”, also known as “weird things I do that make me laugh at myself”:

First, there was the time I was attempting to make coffee in the coffee maker at work:

I carefully put in the new paper filter, and put in the coffee grounds.  I filled the coffee pot with water and set it on the warming plate, and turned on the coffee machine, and walked away……Did you catch it? YES!  I Totally forgot to actually pour the water from the coffee pot into the machine to make the coffee.  I came back in ten minutes to find a lovely pot of warm water sitting in the coffee pot.  I started laughing.  Never had done that one before!

That next Saturday, I realized that “Coffee mistakes” were apparently a theme that week.

My family was visiting.  I woke up and stumbled to the coffee maker to surprise them with coffee when they woke up.  It’s a snazzy one they’d given me for Christmas. It even has a “coffee bean grinder” in the coffee maker.  Truth be told, I’m too lazy to clean the grinder every day, so I usually choose pre-ground coffee.  Hit the “grind off” button, turn on the coffee maker, and I’m good to go.

There I am making coffee, body awake, brain not so much.  I was so proud that I  remembered to actually pour the water into the machine this time.  Hurray! Beans in. Water in.  Great!  Turn it on.  I came back in a few minutes, and poured some coffee for myself.  It looked watery, but I knew I had put in enough beans, so it had to be right.

Then Ken came in the kitchen to get coffee, and noticed that….I’ll bet you guessed it!  When turning “on” the coffee maker, I was “in remote”, acting without thinking, and had automatically pushed the “grind off” button.  And as you may have noticed, there was no part of my story where I emptied the coffee grounds from the day before and put in a new filter.  The coffee in the pot was just water that had gone through yesterday’s coffee grounds.  Yuck!!  Of course, I dumped all that, and started over.  I just had to laugh at myself.  Perhaps it was a message to cut down on my caffeine!

And here’s a couple more “laugh at myself” moments:

With the severe drought we’ve been experiencing, one sound that instantly catches my attention is the sound of water running.  It’s Friday morning, and I am sitting at the table, grading assignments.  Suddenly I hear water running. I jump up, ready to go searching for “running water”! A rogue toilet?  A forgotten garden hose? And then I plop back down and start laughing at myself!  Could the reason I’m hearing water run be that I am doing laundry in the washing machine? Duh!!

And have you ever done this one?  Logging on to send an email, and by the time you handle all the emails that you have received, you’re logging off again….only to realize you Never sent that email that got you logging on to begin with!  LOL!

So, if you, too, are sleep deprived, you are not alone!  And do feel free to share your favorite “laughing at ourselves” stories.


  1. Marcia says:

    Yes….I too have had these “coffee” moments…pouring myself that first cup o’ java at 6AM and walking to the refrigerator to get the milk I put the coffee carafe in the frig….oops!
    And the forever “put my cold coffee in to microwave to heat it up and walk around the next morning wondering where my favorite mug is???”….duh!
    Thanks, Terry for sharing your loving humor moments!

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