Based on past experience….

Going to the Color Race!

There was a “Color Run for Fun” charity event.  (You’re splashed with glow in the dark paint as you run or walk.)  Ken and Andrea and the two older children went.  Drew is only four, so Drew and the baby stayed home with Grandma.

The runners had a great time.  They arrived home tired, happy, and glowing in paint.  Headed off to the showers.

Next morning, Natalie noticed something.  In spite of her shower, there were still random spots of paint on her.

A few minutes later, the bathroom was crowded.  Using the black light flashlight, they looked for spots of paint:  “Look! Here in your hair!” “The back of your arm!”  “Check out your toe!”  “Gotta wash that again!”.  It was fun.

Little Drew was fascinated by this.

A few days passed.  Drew sat down beside me.  He said he wanted to go to the Color for Fun race, too.  I assured him that next year he could go.  Five was a great age for the race.  Then, he said, most seriously, “But I don’t want Eddie to pee on me!”

I was stumped.  Eddie, their sweet little terrier, had never tinkled on anyone.  And what did that have to do with the race?

Happily, Daddy (Ken) walked by.  I explained that Drew wanted to go to the race next year.  That was great with Daddy, too.  But that Drew didn’t want Eddie to pee on him.  Ken looked stumped for a few seconds.  Then, clarity!

It was based on Drew’s past experience.  Normally they use the blacklight flashlight to check for Eddie’s “accidents”.  “Accidents” glow in the blacklight.

So, in Drew’s world, the blacklight flashlight is used to show Eddie’s urine.  So everyone must have had “Eddie’s pee” on them.

I couldn’t help it.  I laughed so hard.  I wouldn’t like that either!  And of course, we reassured him that it wasn’t Eddie’s pee at all.  It was the paint.  And absolutely Eddie was Not going to tinkle on him!

What fun to watch children put the world together, isn’t it?


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  1. Andrea Williams says:

    Kids are amazing. If only everyone could keep at least a part of that wonder of the world. Alas, as we age, so much seems to get sloughed off along the way. Then something like this story comes along and just for a moment, we can put ourself in Drew’s shoes and laugh as the innocent do.

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