A joke on me!

It's only September?

It’s only September?

It was a very full first few weeks of classes.  I was doing a better job than usual of eating well, and restricting how much caffeine I drank.  At the same time, it was so brain-intense, by the time the Labor Day weekend came, I was mentally wiped out.  I hadn’t realized I was quite so tired until these happened:

I was getting my car washed.  Why?  Well, there was bird poop on my car – I’d parked under a tree.  It was close enough to the side that it was right where little Drew could put his hand on it.  “What’s this?”, he asked, putting his hand right on it.  Yikes!  Of course we washed his hands immediately, and I wiped off my car, but Drew began to call it “the poop car.”  I figured that a good scrubbing at the car wash was called for.

At my local car wash, they have a great selection of greeting cards.  I bought a Thanksgiving one for my sister Diane, and while I was waiting for my car, wrote a message inside, and addressed and stamped it.

And then, last Wednesday, when I picked up some other items I needed to mail…..yes!  I accidentally mailed that Thanksgiving card, too.  Hmmm…… I called her and told her I was sending it early so she could enjoy it longer.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Next, on Friday after work, I decided to do my laundry.  But when I moved out the laundry hamper in my closet, I saw something black in the corner of my closet on the floor.  It looked about the size of a large man’s thumb.  Well, I knew it wasn’t that, but I sure didn’t want whatever insect it was crawling behind my shoes, lurking there to wait for the right moment to bite me.

After a few seconds of thought, I went to the garage and grabbed a sturdy broom.  I smashed and smacked and squashed that thing until I knew it had to be dead.  Then I brushed it out of the corner and into the light – only to realize I had just “killed” a black plastic end cap!  With grandchildren, I’ve discovered, unexpected things turn up in unusual places. I’m not quite sure yet where it belongs, so I put it on the raised kitchen counter, where the bright light will ensure I’m not compelled to “kill” it again. 🙂

And as my favorite news anchor, Walt Cronkite, used to say, “And that’s the way it is!”  Have a great week.


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