I’m Terry Turner.

I love to find and share tips on how to get along with others – as you’ll find here and in my book.

You’ll also find here my off the wall humor, and stories of the special fun children bring.

I hope this website helps create for you, too, a lighter way to live.


If you’d like to send me an email or ask me a question, please feel free to contact me through any of the methods listed.

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I have wonderful students in Communication Classes.  Here are some comments from them:

  • “I wanted to thank you for a wonderful class.  Everything that was taught will be very beneficial for my life.  The most important to me was learning about active listening….”
  • “I want to thank you for being my teacher and improving my communication skills in a positive way.”
  • “Your class will forever affect me in a wonderful and positive way.”
  • “The skills I learned in your class have changed my life.”
Welcome to A Lighter Way to Live!

Enjoy your stay!